Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves- My First Thankful Thursday

This week I am linking up for Thankful Thursday for the first time which is being hosted this week at Francesca Writes Here. I’m not one to write a post for the sake of writing nor am I someone to whom gratitude is rare and I have thought about linking up before but this week I felt compelled to be thankful for one thing or person in particular.

Those of us who work full time (and by this I mean outside of the home because you my SAHM pals work not just full time but overtime) know just how important it is to be able to get along with the people you work with since you usually spend more awake hours with them than your loved ones – particularly if like mine your hubby is generally sleeping on the recliner by 8pm. Occasionally you get people you like to work with or even like and even rarer still you get a friend, a true friend.

I first met my friend the nerdburger Lyndal when we were both working in different offices of the same company (ironically I worked in the area she lived in and she worked in the area I lived in). Her office was short staffed and I was sent asked to work out of there for a week. When I first met her I wasn’t sure I would like her- we were both a bit goody goody and I thought maybe too similar to get along, by the second day I knew for certain that first impressions can’t be trusted. I liked the girl.

Over the next 6 months which included her coming to work in the same office as me we became friends and then good friends. When I chose to leave the company Lyndal issued me with a warning “I’ve loved your friendship but I am hopeless at keeping in touch”. Pfft the girl couldn’t live without me 3 weeks later she followed me to the next company.

Over the last 2 years our friendship has grown to the stage where I will openly say that Lyndal is one of my best friends. I think everyone should have a Lyndal shaped friend. Why you ask well I am more than happy to share that with you:

  • Lyndal is unfailingly honest, she will never say things just because you want to hear them and will only say them if it’s truthful.
  • Lyndal values her integrity and this shines out of her. It is inspiring to see this quality each and every day.
  • Lyndal will always offer support and logic and even though like me she is prone to crying (damn frustration people try to console us and don’t realise that we aren’t sad just furious) she won’t let herself be walked over- I admire this quality and aspire to seeing it in myself.
  • She always offers advice on nutrition and food but is never a food nazi. A person is no fun if they don’t realise the value of hot chips now and then.Plus she is a total geek, need stationary? She would be able to tell you 50 places to get it.
  • The girl can dress and she encourages me to spoil myself because she knows I’m not very good at it.
  • We both became fur mummas at roughly the same time so it has been wonderful sharing the burdens of first time fur parenting with someone.

Our friendship is special I believe. We bring balance to each other because what is honesty without diplomacy? What are lame jokes (mine) without someone with a loud fabulous laugh to laugh at them? I tell you what even if she tries the girl won’t be able to shake me and for that I am thankful.

The girl has style

The girl has style

on my wedding day

on my wedding day


6 thoughts on “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves- My First Thankful Thursday

  1. You are truly blessed to work and know (IRL) Lyndal. She is one of my favourite blogging friends. EVERYTHING you said about her is right on the mark !!!
    You are right – we should all have a Lyndal shaped friend in our lives.
    Have the bestest day EVER !

  2. It is absolutely wonderful to hear about such a strong friendship. I am a true believer in having one or maybe even two close friendships than many ‘acquaintances’. You are very lucky!

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