A $20 Investment

I wrote a blog a few months ago about having to buy sneakers in order to start my whole exercise regime. What I never told anybody was that the sneakers I ended up buying cost me $19.99 from Big W.

$20 that’s all the faith that I had in my self. I literally remember thinking “I shouldn’t waste too much on sneakers”. Why? Because I was certain that I was going to fail. I was certain that this time would be like every other time. What I didn’t bank on was 1 thing.


This time I ignored my excuses.

This time I recognised my pain but pushed through it.

This time I realised my self worth and realised that I deserved to be healthy.

I still have a 17cm blood clot in my left leg, the doctors are sorting it out, working out how to get rid of it. I still have pain and swelling EVERY day but I don’t dwell on it. Pain is our bodies way of telling us that something isn’t right. My pain serves as a reminder of my limitations but I’ve learnt when you can’t beat them…. work around them.

People are noticing the changes in my appearance. That feels good.

My neck feels like it’s growing, I’m back to doing and planning. I’m cleaning and baking and cooking and recognising that sometimes I need extra rest and my leg needs elevation and not allowing myself to feel guilty about time spent in bed. Being healthy is taking care of yourself and rest is a big part of that for me at the moment.

I took a 20 minute shower the other day….there was a time when I couldn’t stand in one spot for 20 minutes (2 minute mad showers were awesome for the water bill) and as I stood there and let the water wash over me I forgave myself for allowing things to be so difficult for so long. I wasn’t ready then. I am killing it now.

$20 sneakers….best investment I’ve ever made.

ultimate investment

ultimate investment

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28 thoughts on “A $20 Investment

  1. Well done! I LOVE reading positive, inspirational posts. I’m such a lazy arse … I spend waaaaaaay too much time on the computer. I need to draw down from your wisdom. Cheers, Alison #IBOT

  2. Woohooo – you sound like you are in such a good place right now -good for you !!!
    Have the best week and continue to work on those changes – you will be so pleased you did.

  3. Go you good thing!!!!! I think you could buy gold plated sneakers – because I know you will continue to push yourself – and I know you will always honour yourself form now on! I love watching this journey of yours rach, I really do xxxx

  4. What a great post! I remember times when 2minutes is all I could be still as well. Having time with your thoughts is a great place to bein. I hope that Drs sort your blood clot. Keep on moving!

  5. Well done Rach. Hope the Drs get that blood clot sorted out for good sooner rather than later! Just be careful in cheap sneakers – sometimes they do more harm than good! I say find a pair of fancy, expensivish pair of shoes and make them your reward for reaching a certain goal! Your feet, ankles and shins will thank you for it! 😉 x Aroha (#teamIBOT)

  6. Nice work Rach, its so great to read your posts and hear how you’re coming along. You’re totally getting me inspired to really take the time to look after myself and my health much better once this bubs has come along, to continue the healthy habits I have while pregnancy beyond these 9(10!) months.

  7. Good on you Rach, you seem to be smashing it – sorry about the clot – my family has LOTS of them, I’m about the only one who hasn’t had one yet – touch wood! I think we all need to forgive ourselves more – Em x

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