The Weather Outside is Frightful- Conversations with Winter

The alarm beeps violently loud as my body jolts awake, my bed, my blankets so warm and cosy a cocoon of rest, relaxation and toastiness that I am in no hurry to leave. I have to get up for work.  I slowly and deliberately poke a toe out from under the doona brrrrr. I have to do this, I summon my courage and push the whole foot out. Double brrrrr, my foot retreats hastily back into the cocoon. I contemplate resetting the alarm and going back to sleep but is that delaying the inevitable? My bladder tweaks. “Like a Band Aid” I tell myself and rip off the blankets and jump up shuddering from cold while simultaneously trying to put on a jumper.

You could be forgiven reading the above paragraph and thinking that I hate winter the truth is I love it. Like completely love it. I am often amazed by how many people despise winter and how much. I really don’t mind the cold I suppose that because of my size I am well insulated and don’t feel the cold the same as everyone else but I have always found that when it’s cold it’s much easier to get warm than it is to get cold in the summer heat.

I love winter, sunny days where it’s cold enough to wear all the amazing fashions that only winter offer us. Boots, scarves, coats, beanies amazing articles of clothing that look great on everyone…..not like the options that summer provides plus for some reason I always associate shorts with sweaty bus seats . There is one aspect of winter that has always eluded me. It seems that I am destined never to see snow.

When I was in Year 6 our school went to Canberra for an overnight excursion. It was meant to snow…….nope started the day after we got home. 12 year old Rach was uber bummed.

When I was in Year 7 a friends dad heard that it was snowing in the Blue Mountains we were bundled into the car and driven an hour and a half to wait an additional hour and a half for snow that never came. The closest I came to anything freezing was when we got 30c McDonalds cones on the way home.

When I was 16 I was in Taupo NZ and it was the coldest I had ever been up to that point in my life. I remember a freezing night with 2 friends in a caravan where the 3 of us sleep in the same single bunk to stay warm. Snow was promised. Snow yet again eluded me.

When I was 25 I was in Europe and the UK in Winter…..snow was promised in Germany I was soooo excited. The morning news stated snow fell in Berlin last night. Pure excitement in my heart, speedily dressed and out the door. Holding my breath I walked out of the Hotel lobby to find…..slush in the gutter and that’s it. No snow apparently it melted when it hit the ground. Colour me devastated.

Chris and I remet when I was 26 and he promised to take me to see snow….I’m still waiting. I just wanna touch it and build a snowman and make snow angels and drink hot chocolate looking out at all the snow. It’s been years but it will happen, I’m sure of it. Will not sure halfway confident after all snow does not seem to want me to find it.

So remember to be kind to winter people and the next time you want to complain about how cold it is spare a thought for that poor soul Rach who just wants to touch some snow…….I wonder if a snow dance will help.

Winter loving Rach

Winter loving Rach

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10 thoughts on “The Weather Outside is Frightful- Conversations with Winter

  1. Ha! I went to Paris and it snowed, and I was just beside myself, beaming with excitement. This old Parisian lady came up to me on the salted stairs and said “It horrible. We hate it. This snow is a pain in the neck – you won’t be smiling like that when it’s muddy and sloppy”. I, of course, just grinned like an imbecile.

  2. I love winter fashion – perhaps for years, it was the only thing I loved about winter! There certainly is something special about snow – we keep debating when we should take the boys – perhaps this year might be it?? Hope you find some snow soon lovely and as always, thank you so much for linking up to #convocoffee

  3. I know exactly what you mean – it was only last year when we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a holiday to NZ in winter that I got to touch real snow and build a snowman (not like the one we mushed together on the side of the road a few years ago !!!). I also got to feel a very little bit of snow falling (and have a few photos to prove it) when we were half way up the mountaing but then turned around because we weren’t sure just how safe the road was. I so wanted to go further to actually sit and have the snow fall on me BUT I was more scared of the road and managed to convince A that we should turn around !!!!!
    One day, one day you’ll be in the snow – and you will love every minute of it !!
    Have the best day !

  4. I love lots about winter too. I think on the Gold Coast we get the best of both words. Mornings and evenings/nights are cool, days are still warmish. In saying that, I’ve got a beautiful white wool jacket that I NEVER get to wear on the Gold Coast!! But love boots/jeans/scarves and sitting outside by a fire with a glass of wine…..yep! I’m a fan! But geez it is hard to get out of a toasty warm bed and strip naked in the cold bathroom!

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