It Ain’t About the Money – Listmania #19

I don’t think a week goes by when I don’t imagine what it would be like to win the lotto. Don’t get me wrong I am what is known as a materialistically minimalist. I’m not overindulgent and in fact get in trouble from hubby for not spending more on myself. I guess I fear money a little, having grown up without it and then marrying someone with significant personal debt (what’s his is now ours) that the concept of never having to worry about money ever again is beyond amazing.

So what would I do if our numbers were pulled out of Powerball well first I would fall over in shock cause we never really buy lottery tickets and then awww the sky’s the limit. I would quit my job wouldn’t think twice and I would travel with the hubby first class and if this blood clot stopped me from flying in those cool little cabins then we would go first class by ship and see all the places we have dreamed about.

I know that when Deb set this topic she said she wanted to know what we would do outside of helping our family and friends whom I would obviously want to help but I would specifically want to give my best girlfriend and her parents unlimited plane tickets (she has lived in North Wales for the last 12 or so years) because they are the most loving and kind people on the planet and they truly deserve to be able to see each other whenever they want to.

I would want to drive a yellow vw beetle- if ever there was a car that matched my personality that is it (yep it’s obvious that we don’t have kids yet).

Rach as a car

Rach as a car

We would get a nice house nothing too grand just the right size and near the water.Close enough to Sydney that I can still see my family all my time but far enough that we can relax in the sea breeze and raise our family there. While we lived there I would start my own dream business….I’ll tell you what it is if you promise not to laugh.

I love the porch

I love the porch

It has always been my dream to open my own cinema. Not a massive multiplex but a small town cinema where the prices can stay low and the chairs are comfy and squishy. The choc tops are homemade and the popcorn is fresh and warm. It is family friendly and then there is an elevator to the roof where in Summer classic movies are shown at night with twinkle lights and outdoor lounges. It is a date night place. There is wine and picnic baskets prepared and one night every year there is a local film makers competition. I can see it so clearly in my mind.

this isn't quite what I imagine but along these lines :)

this isn’t quite what I imagine but along these lines 🙂

It really isn’t about the money cause even being poor I think I have had more happiness than most but ahh it’s lovely to dream sometimes.

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p.s Pictures are all courtesy of Pinterest but could not locate where they were from originally


13 thoughts on “It Ain’t About the Money – Listmania #19

  1. You should investigate that cinema idea – it sounds like a good one! Also google the movies they show at mt Faber in Singapore – very beautiful outdoor movie setting. We went to a little cafe (very simple, not fancy) in Bali and there was a pond and they hung a sheet over it and then showed Baraka, with a local band playing music for the soundtrack – it was the cheapest and best night we had in bali. Maybe you could have one of those nights too. So no laughter here – if you build it. I will come 😉

  2. Oh Rachel, how could I laugh. The cinema idea is brilliant! Absolutely! These huge cinemas these days are so dull! I’d come to your cinema (and your house – that looks gorgeous) even if I wasn’t invited! I’d come bearing treats, of course.

  3. OMG i love your list – from the car to the house (i am desperate for a giant wrap around porch) and your cinema is insanely brilliant -= please do it! it would be a hit!

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