Rachie G and her Homies 3- A tale of 3.30 itis…

I work in a field that is known for pressure and difficulty and not really known for laughter. As of late the atmosphere in the office has felt a little tense… I don’t do well with tense. I don’t do well with drama and I definitely don’t do well with bitchiness I tend to react in 2 ways….with tears or ridiculous humour.Β  Last Wednesday at 3.30 humour won…..well ridiculous won and that’s how Rachie G was born.

My colleague P who is Muslim was going to say her prayers and she being a responsible co-worker let me know that she would off the work floor without looking up from my computer I said to her “Have fun prayin”. She cracked up and responded “ooo prayin not praying? You are so gangsta”. By the time she got back on the floor at the above mentioned 3.30 I had invented a whole new career. A GANGSTA career.

When she sat down at her desk (we sit in adjoining pods) I turned to her and said straight faced “I have decided to become a Gangsta Rapper”. She takes a moment to process this information and then says “What will your name be?”. I don’t miss a beat and say to her “Rachie G and my Homies 3”. I also let her know from now on when she is off the floor and someone asks me where she is I will say “She be prayin”. Laughter ensues.

At this point the artist known as Lyndal (yes yes Family of Killers Lyndal) drops by my desk. P tells her I am fully gangsta now and that I answer to the name Rachie G. Laughter again. It’s almost as though they have never heard the concept of a squishy white girl in a cardigan being a gangsta rapper. So I bring out the big guns (metaphoric guns given that I am so new to this gangsta business). I rap for them.

I’m Rachie G with my Homies 3

Sitting in her P.O.D

P be prayin

To God words she be sayin

Her sins she be slayin

Cause P be prayin

I know I can hear the applause you are all overwhelmed at my rapping skills….let me assure you it is even funnier when you hear my wannabe rapper voice.

Hope this brings a smile to your Tuesday, Peace out yo.

SO gangsta in my sweater vest

SO gangsta in my sweater vest

<Linking up with Jess from Essentially Jess for IBOT>


10 thoughts on “Rachie G and her Homies 3- A tale of 3.30 itis…

  1. haha you have some sweet rhymes!! Are you sure you aren’t considering a career change??
    It is so good to have a laugh at the office when things get crazy!! x Karen #teamIBOT

  2. LOL! I’m partial to a bit of gangsta rap too! I also like Breaking Bad and often feel the urge to say ‘bitch’ at the end of every sentence.

  3. LOL – that is excellent – just what I needed to brighten my day today !!!! Still chuckling out loud !
    Have the best day !

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