If at First you Don’t Suceed- Listmania #16

I am not what one would call naturally crafty. I love craft and making things with my hands and so I commit myself to the task and often the expense of making things.

My skills with scrapbooking have come along….I can have a vision and almost always make that vision come to life. My skills with invitations now that I have discovered pre cut card saves stress and foot stomping swear induced tantrums have progressed and I think I could safely say that I can kick most invitations ass.

I have tried my hand at cake making and whilst a super baker in taste in execution I sometimes fail…..big time…hilariously so and so it is no suprise that my first thing that I would like to learn how to do is to make a certain type of cake…..cupcake……Pug Cupcakes 🙂

courtesy of carouselcupcakes.com

courtesy of carouselcupcakes.com

A friend of mine has recently become engaged and does not want a floral bouquet on pricing brooch ones we discovered that they are like $650 rather steep….a quick evaluation of products bought from ebay and other requirements made me realise the same bouquet could be made for $100. I have done the youtube tutorial and I am bound to stuff up at least once or twice but if I succeed how gorgeous is it going to be…

I am obviously christmas obsessed as most people know and so the last 3 things I want to try to make are all christmas related. Firstly I saw these gorgeous little christmas tree decorations which I desperately want to make for this year.

courtesy of craftjuice.com

courtesy of craftjuice.com

I want to handmake all my wrapping paper this year and all the gift tags – Knowing I have a gajillion family members I thought I would limit this to being handmade for friends this year and see how I go.

found this of pinterest cannot find the source

found this of pinterest cannot find the source

Lastly this has been on my list for many years and this is the year I will achieve it! I want to make a gingerbread house 🙂 I just think they are fabulous and I want to make one.

again from pinterest unsure of original source

again from pinterest unsure of original source

Linking up with the beautiful Deb from Home Life Simplified for Listmania because it’s so much fun 🙂


13 thoughts on “If at First you Don’t Suceed- Listmania #16

  1. I’ve made a gingerbread house a few times – doesn’t look anything like the one you posted though haha. That flower boquet looks awesome – good luck! I would love to see your finished product!

  2. Oh boy, have I made a mess of a gingerbread house once! Never again!!! Good luck! I want to make similar Christmas ornaments this year too, that’s more in my making success zone!

  3. That’s a lovely list of projects you have there – good luck with them; remember to post pictures as you get them done, so we can all see!

  4. lol i shared on my blog in 2011 when we attempted a gingerbread house – not trying again (was a disaster). love the pug cupcakes!! and i had never even heard of a brooch bouquet xx deb

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