What Makes You You?

What makes you you? The gorgeous Carly from Sunny and Sparkles posed this question to me a few days ago and I have been thinking about it ever since. What makes me who I am……what makes me different to every other 6 billion people on the planet.

I guess essentially we are only unique to those who truly know us. The people who know us beyond our exteriors. I say beyond my exteriors because I know have a good idea what people first see when they look at me…..my size. I’m a big girl there’s no denying it but my size is such a small (ironically) part of who I am.

I’m a daughter, sister, wife, aunty and friend.No one title defines me and yet all play a part in making me…me.

As a daughter I think I am kind and understanding, my mother would say that I am diplomatic to an annoying degree and that I remind her of my father.

Rach the daughter

Rach the daughter

As a sister I think I am loving and affectionate and argumentative. I’m the baby so I will one day have to realise (cough cough yeah that isn’t going to happen) they know and have experienced more than me. I don’t know if I’m the best sister but what I will say is if I think I can help you with something I will do everything I can to help you.

with some of my sisters

with some of my sisters

I’m still new to this wifing (yes it’s probably not a word) gig we’ve only been married 16 months but I think as far as wives go I am of the laid back variety. I am loving, openly loving, I tell Chris I love him everyday and I always mean it. I am devoted and supportive. I have never been a fan of the term “other half” truth is I was a “full” person before Chris but he really is the cheese to my macaroni he just makes everything better. Maybe one day I will see myself through his eyes.

becoming a wife

becoming a wife

As an Aunty it has to be said I am the BOMB. I am young and fun and want to hear their stories and play their games and just give them as much love as I possibly can. Gorgeous little humans, they are the best version of my siblings and I think they make me the best version of myself.

As a friend I would like to think I am the person who is in your corner. The person who provides sarcasm and one liners whilst at the same time telling you that you deserve better. In the interest of honesty though I am willing to admit that this is an area in which I feel like I could improve. I did that thing people always say that they won’t do and I got married and neglected some of my friendships- unintentionally.

So I guess when looking at what makes me me I have to say kindness and inappropriate humour. Movie addiction and a loving nature mixed with too much diplomacy. I don’t wake up until I have had a cup of coffee and I can relay random pieces of trivia that nobody is meant to know. I have a ridiculous memory and think I am rarely judgmental. The word Big relates to my body size, my smile size and my heart.

When it comes down to it though what makes me me is the same thing that makes anyone….Love and Laughter.


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