Making a List checking it twice- Listmania #15

Todays listmania is revisiting the original lists to see where we are at….

Reading: Recipes lots and lots of recipes trying to make warm, delicious and healthy winter food

Listening to: Right now I’m listening to Game of Thrones and Molly snoring contentedly on Daddys lap

Laughing at: Jason Byrne I just keep watching his videos on Youtube…..him and Rebel Wilson

Swooning over:  Right now it would have to be lipstick colours and boots I seem to want both in several colours. Plus I will also admit I am incredibly incredibly clucky right now even though I know health wise/ weight wise we won’t be able to start until the end of the year (trying I mean)

Planning: To stick to my healthy eating plan and exercising because I have the ultimate motivation. Also planning holidays and travelling that we may never do lol

Eating Lots of: Really can’t explain why but peanut butter I have been craving it on toast and popcorn warm food on cool days

Feeling: optimistic about the future and having children and continuing to build my life with my husband and my Molly dog. I am working on being the best version of my self.

Discovering: just how much I have let my weight keep me back in the past without even realising it. Discovering this is helping me move past it, helping me move forward to be social to not put so many boundaries on myself.

Looking at: scrapbooking stuff and all the photos of my childhood that my mother gave me and how I can best preserve them. Also looking at writing paper because I have decided to return to the old fashioned art of letter writing.

Wearing: my leopard print flats, my pearl earrings and my new berry lipstick and though it may not sound that fabulous I have worn all 3 at once and they look fabulous together. I should perhaps give you all peace of mind that I was infact wearing other clothes as well and not just prancing around in shoes and earrings and lipstick…..for one thing that would be incredibly cold.

got my animal side in action

got my animal side in action

Cooking: probably baking more than cooking at the moment though hubby just made an incredible shepherds pie

Wondering: what the winning lotto numbers are for Thursday

Trying out: positive thinking… it hasn’t gone so well but it is something I am aiming for each and every day because negativity breeds negativity. No longer going to be invisible.

berry lips cause I'm no longer going to be invisible

berry lips cause I’m no longer going to be invisible

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10 thoughts on “Making a List checking it twice- Listmania #15

  1. Love those shoes! ..and I’m thinking I must start trying out different lip colours, you can have so much fun with them, eh? Great list! And all the best on your journey to prepare for motherhood 🙂

  2. those are some powerful lips babe! love it

    i am watching game of thrones with hubby! and i have been eating loads of peanut butter and popcorn (though not together)

    Glad to hear you are positive – keep focusing on how beautiful your family will be when it happens – you are such an awesome person and I hope to meet you some day xx deb

    • You are such a beautiful soul Deb the best part of Mondays has been getting to “know” you and I will make sure we get to meet some day.
      The trick with lips is to keep the eyes simple I have found lol and there is something so empowering and feminine about lip colour 🙂

  3. Berry gloss and leopard shoes! Both gorgeous!
    We’re also watching GOT now – Man loves it and is trying to convert me. I don’t mind it but not a big fan yet… It’s a bit rude *blushes* ;o)

  4. The idea of you prancing around in only your leopard print flats, pearl earrings and berry lipstick made me laugh! Good luck with the weight loss and you starting a family. It’s hard work but with some motivation I know you can do it! Stick with it.

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