Tea for You and You for Me…..Listmania #13

There is a formula to a perfect dinner party and yet it is a formula that nobody ever gets right twice in a row. You can have perfect food and wonderful guests and yet sometimes it will still end up awkward or yawn fest…. the kind of thing where people are sneaking glances at their phones and their facebook (don’t you just hate that).  If you are somebody like me you have a fear of hosting the get together where people spend the whole time on their phones because it is a kick in the teeth (or guts take your pick).

So this week for listmania with Deb from Home Life Simplified I have had to confront my fear of boring dinner parties to devise my perfect guest list but I think I may have just achieved this so behold my ultimate dinner party…..

OK first things first I would invite Nigella Lawson cause lets face it the lady is hot and she can be in charge of cooking dinner that way I don’t have to worry about burning anything and all plates can be paper so we can just throw them out plus I think it would be astonishing for some of my guests that there is such a thing as paper plates.

I want JK Rowling there for certain because I love the Harry Potter series and I am an admirer of hard work and also because if there is anyone who has a career I envy aspire to it is her. I would love love love to get some advice from her and also attempt to convince her to write another Harry book.

Chris and I are strong believers in free passes in a relationship and that it is ok to see the beauty or attractive features in others- yes I am confident enough in my relationship to point out incredibly beautiful women and be ok when he also finds them beautiful because I know he loves me best and for this reason he is allowed to sleep with Scarlett Johannson if the opportunity arrives. She however is not invited to my dinner party because this is MY dinner party my free pass is invited though and that person is Adam Hills…..gotta love a man who can make you laugh.

Speaking of laughing I would definitely have to have the gorgeous and hilarious Dawn French at my dinner party cause she is hilarious and well the woman loves to eat – like me 🙂

One of the women I most admire in history is Anne Boelyn a women who has not always been presented in a wonderful light but a women who did a whole lot of living in such a short amount of years. She convinced a man to create a whole new religion so that he could get a divorce from the wife who wasn’t giving him sons in the hope that this young goddess would. She was incredibly smart and not afraid to show it in an age when women didn’t have voices. Her daughter went on to rule Britain during the “Golden Age” and she was apparently incredibly charming and who doesn’t want a charming dinner party guest. Not to mention she would be amazed by everything…one of the benefits of having a dinner guest from a gajillion years ago.

My last dinner guest would be ………………………..my husband who never ceases to make me laugh or brighten my day or tell me how beautiful he thinks I am or how much he loves me. My gorgeous Chris who just walked into the room completely naked (having put his work clothes on to wash) and posed for me and said ‘draw me jack like one of your french girls’. I know exactly what you’re thinking….and I agree I would never want my free pass when I already have someone so incredible.

But a part of me the part that is happy having dinner with Chris and Molly every single night knows that if I was to truly organise a dinner party I would set the table with candles and 2 place settings. I’d want for my mum and my dad to get to have 1 last date together. Because  my parents were those people who were truly and completely in love. My father passed away 20 years ago and in that time my mother has never gone on another date or even had coffee with a man. She deserves a special dinner with her beloved…..I’d even wash the dishes for that one.


4 thoughts on “Tea for You and You for Me…..Listmania #13

  1. Love your whole post. and you had me teary at the end. my dad passed away suddenly 27 years ago and apart from 2 dates with 2 disappointing men she has been on her own the entire 27 years.

    LMAO at your naked husband’s entry into the blog post though

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