It’s a New Kind of World That’s Taking Over

I woke up this morning to the line  “Did you hear what happened in America” my husband had sent me a text and my first instinct was to turn on the television to grasp what he meant. Explosions and death and unexpected innocent victims it just makes me so sad.

The last time I was woken up with the line “Did you hear what happened in America” it was my sister coming home from night shift. I didn’t pay much attention I just got up and got dressed for uni and went to head out the door but realising I was 10 minutes early for my bus I stopped I thought I would find out what she meant. I turned on the television. Explosions and death and unexpected innocent victims it made me so sad. 9/11 was historic and hypnotic I didn’t move for the rest of the day I just watched those planes fly into those buildings over and over and over again.

There is a feeling of connection and also disconnect to what happens in other countries and what is currently happening in the States. The disconnect comes from our good fortune of living in a country that does not know what chaos and death in our streets feels like which leaves me grateful. But it also leaves me fearful because sometimes it really does feel like the world is going crazy.

This post really serves no purpose other than me needing to get words and sadness out of my system. So I hope you light a candle for those lost and pray or send positive and loving thoughts to their families and like me I hope you hug those you love a little tighter tonight because for now we are the lucky ones and for that I am grateful xx.

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15 thoughts on “It’s a New Kind of World That’s Taking Over

  1. I do wish humans would stop killing each other 😦 I choose not to watch the news, I don’t need to see the devastation on what should be a celebration day.

  2. It’s so heatrbreaking. The only way I can stem the tide of sorrow that envelops me when I hear of this kind of uncomprehensible evil is to remember that there is still so much goodness out there. Today instead of running away from the explosions many people ran towards the devastation to help and aid those harmed and that stood out to me as a beacon of the goodness that is in the world and that the inherent goodness of the vast majority will always outnumber the evil. xx

  3. It was shattering new today indeed. Even more so now I think with social media everywhere. I know what you mean about 9/11 I remember coming home from work and basically not moving, just sitting there for hours.
    So devastating

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It certainly is a sad day – but then every day that someone kills / maims someone else is a sad day. I dont’ understand how people can do this to each other. Sure, we all have people we may not like or don’t get on with – then just ignore those people – you don’t have to kill them !!
    Have a great day !

  5. We all remember those moments don’t we? We all have ‘where I was when I found out about 9/11’ story. And now I guess we will have a boston one too.
    The sad thing is, just last night my 9 year old was talking about how blessed we are to live in a safe country, and I had to say, that America is technically a ‘safe’ country. So I guess there actually aren’t any safe countries any more. It could happen anywhere, any time.

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