The Rest is Still Unwritten- Listmania #11

Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

I was the first kid in Kindergarten to read….not just a few words or the usual but whole books. By the end of first term they had run out of books in the infants department for me. My mother still likes to brag about this. Come first term of Year 1 and I became the girl who cried everyday and hated going to school it was random and out of the blue and the school assigned the deputy principal to the task who discovered I was bored.

I was taken out of class and to the library and for the first time in my 6 years I was allowed in the “big kids” section. The librarian and the deputy principal got to work finding me lots of books to read so that I no longer had time to get bored in class.

Books were an escape and though I believe I had a great childhood filled with love and fun I definitely needed to escape at times. I spent a lot of time at the hospital while my father was getting treatment there I was sitting cross legged on the chair in the corner of the room reading while my father was getting chemo or he and my mother were discussing treatment plans with doctors.

But enough of the back story this is listmania after all and so I should be listing the books that have made an impact in my long years of reading.

  • First book I remember being read to me: Where Did the Baby Go? It was a golden book I loved having it read to me every night.


  • First book I remember reading all of by myself: The Hungry Giant. I just remember thinking I wonder what a bommyknocker was.


  • First non picture book I read: MaryAnne Saves the Day it was to start an obsession with Babysitters Club Books and I think the next book was The Secret Garden. That was the first time I remember being transported by a book it truly felt like I was in that garden.


  • First book I read that I truly identified with: Conversations With the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer. The main character Maggie speaks of being of size in a way that I can completely relate to and again going back and reading the books now that I am focusing on getting healthy this book speaks to me in a different way. It is a book for anyone who has struggled with weight or anybody who has had a friendship change and left you feeling not enough.


  • Favourite novel: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy… took me 2 months to read it the first time…had to read it again to understand it. After the 3rd time it was my favourite novel. Such a beautiful and sad story sooooo hard but soooo worth it. Do not mention the latest film adaptation to me I would like to pretend it didn’t exist.


  • Favourite Book Series: Harry Potter. I first discovered these when I was babysitting my nephews for a few weeks in the summer holidays like 8 years ago I started off reading them a chapter a night and then asking them if we could do 2 or 3. I cannot count the amount of times I have read these books they are just so easy to lose yourself in.


  • Favourite book of all time: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry it is the most beautiful story and if you haven’t read it run out and by yourself a copy NOW!!! Mistaken as just a childrens book this is a magical beautiful and philosophical book that everybody should experience in their lifetime. Cheesy as it sounds I can’t read it without crying.
once you have read it you will understand the rose

once you have read it you will understand the rose

Linking up with the amazing Deb from Home Life Simplified for Listmania it was so much fun for a book geek like me.


8 thoughts on “The Rest is Still Unwritten- Listmania #11

  1. Ok, Rachel, I am off on Wednesday to buy all these books! I have heard of the little prince but never read it. I also got sucked into the Babysitter series as well. My favourite characters were Claudia and Dawn (can’t believe I just remembered that!) I think my brother has the whole Harry Potter series. Great books for boys.

  2. Yep I was a babysitters club follower too! There are a lot on your list that I haven’t read – looks like my to be read pile just got bigger!

  3. We read the Little Prince when I was at Hight School in my French class (in French) and even my totally fierce French teacher was crying. It is such a beautifully written story. I must go and order a copy. I think I was just a bit too old for The Babysitters Club but I know my sister loved them.

  4. I had been wondering when to start reading Harry Potter to my kids, but think I just may want to keep reading once they are asleep! I also had just been wondering what a bommy knocker was… Oh, okay. Just googled. The things you learn!

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