ABC easy as 123….Listmania #10

It no secret that I love Mondays and Listmania ( courtesy of Deb from Home Life Simplified) and this weeks is an A-Z of me what follows may be quirky and I can guarantee that it will be random because I have no idea what I am going to say.

A is for Aunty which is my favourite of all the roles I play in my life. For now at least…it makes me really happy and makes me really really hope that I get to be a mum.

with my niece emily

with my niece emily

B is for bunheads, it’s an addiction I didn’t see coming but when you are fast talking like me it’s nice to see characters who talk the same way you do.

C is for Chris, my husband, best friend and all round cool guy. He is incomparable however if I had to pick anyone whose personality seems similar it would be Michael Cera in Juno….quiet and sweet and desperate to be cool without realising that he is infact the coolest guy on the planet.

there he is my manly man

there he is my manly man

D is for driving now that I have been given the ok to go on longer drives (damn bloodclot) the hubby and i can get back to one of our loves ROADTRIPS….D is not for donuts no not at all mmmmmm donuts.

E is for exercise something that I reintroduced into my life recently and is most of the time leading to me Evolving and I also occasionally do not think it is accidental that evil also starts with E.

F is for films. I am obsessed I love films, pretty much all films and I have a photographic memory when it comes to them. I can remember who was in them what awards they won and how well they did. Lyndal once made the mistake of asking me to make a list of my favourite films or ones which I felt she should watch I could only seperate the top 10 into genres and decades. I have seen thousands and to be honest I think I would be fantastic as Margaret from Margaret and David at the movies- totally my ideal job.

G is for grooving I have this habit of moving my hips whenever I hear music…my workmates have been treated to random displays of my attempts to embody beyonce….I will in no way admit to occasionally embodying Britney .

H is for happiness. I find that my life is generally full of large amounts of happiness I tend to be prone to it. Ok I admit it H really is for Harry potter I tried so hard to be a grown up but the truth just slipped out.

I is for invisible. One of the things that people who have never truly struggled with their weight cannot understand is that the bigger you get the smaller you try to appear. I had lost interest in making myself appear attractive because somewhere along the line I felt that there was no way I could be attractive. I am slowly reclaiming myself from invisibility.

J is for jokes which I attempt to crack quite frequently… I tend to be someone who tries to keep the mood light whenever possible. I am also a fan of dad jokes.

K is for kindness…I try to be kind whenever possible and k is also for kisses I am incredibly affectionate by nature. Cuddles and kisses always love to show love.

L is for Laughter. I LOVE TO LAUGH as much as humanly possible. I can be pretty ridiculous but fun.

M is for MOLLY……lets be honest there is nothing else possibly that I could consider for M. Molly who is so excited to see me everyday. Molly who spent an hour tonight licking my work dress when I had snoozed off in the recliner. Molly who gets so excited at going for a walk and who follows me to the toilet cause I guess she misses me and my favourite is when I have a migraine and she can tell i’m sick so she brings me Chris’ dirty boxer shorts looking so proud of herself “Hi Mummy look how much I love you”.

Molly seriously the cutest of the cuties

Molly seriously the cutest of the cuties

N is for neat freak…..I am the complete opposite I am aspiring to get down with my neat self but mostly I just sorta think pfft can’t be bothered.

O is for orgasms cause lets face it who doesn’t love them.

P is for Pin Up. I have always had this fascination for the ladies of the 40’s and the 50’s (audrey is my homegirl), I love the fashion and the red lipstick and if I was slim enough I would totally take advantage of the rockabilly fashions.

Q is for quirky. I am not run of the mill, my tastes are unusual and a little strange even but it’s part of what makes me unique.

R is for rainbows……I can’t help it I turn into a little kid whenever I see them I just find them beautiful and magical.

S is for Stress or more accurately stress management. I have never been good at managing stress I keep it all in until it gets to the point where I want to cry continually. Counselling is helping me in this area and exercise is as well. I am slowly overcoming stress.

T is for thongs….I wear them everywhere I possibly can I look forward to it being easier to find cute shoes the smaller i get and the thinner my feet get.

U is for unique…..I love one of a kind things, things that are unusual whether this is people or books or films or homewares. For the girl who spent so much of her teen years desperate to be the same as her friends I now love that I am unique.

V is for vivacious….I was once and will be again. I don’t wanna be the funny fat chic anymore. I wanna be the funny thinner chic.

W is for working. Working at my job, working out if that is what I want and working at self improvement everyday.

X is for Xavier. I just always liked that name.

Y is for young. 30 is sooooo young I have so many years ahead of me a lifetime of years and I plan on using them well.

being young while I am young

being young while I am young

Z is for zoo. I told Chris when I feel like my fitness has improved enough we can go to the zoo and I can walk around without having to stop continuously to rest and my reward will be…..feeding the GIRAFFES 🙂

So there you have it A-Z of me my gosh that was a task but it was fun.


3 thoughts on “ABC easy as 123….Listmania #10

  1. I’m glad you love mondays because i so look forward to your lists – you made me laugh with quite a few of these and i am guessing you might be the only lister to include O for orgasm ; ) deb xx

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