Our House is a very very very fine house- Listmania #9

So I am linking up yet again with the incredible Deb for Listmania and this week it is all about our favourite parts of our homes and normally I would be able to give you 50 but at the moment I am struggling.

Do you ever get into one of those funks where you are just not happy with what you have. I know this is a totally 1st world issue and I should shut my mouth and be grateful because there are starving little africans and war torn nations but my inner 5 year old has plugged her ears and is screaming I can’t hear you because she really would like a chaise lounge in her bedroom (Just as a side note I never did that as a 5 year old for starters I was an incredibly well behaved and entertaining child and secondly I am fairly certain I did not know what a chaise lounge was back then).

There are certain things that can distract you from this funk….working your butt off helping others all day is one of them, listening to your husband yelling obscenities at the football is another (he is now probably reading this and annoyed that I would mention this so let me say- Chris baby totally awesome Love your work), but when you are in this mood do not under any circumstances look at realestate.com or Down that little lane. Both sites are just so incredible and make me want so many things that I have come to the realisation that my mother was right I really do have champagne taste on a beer budget.

I need to remember that this is our first lounge and bedroom setting and there is a lifetime for building up a home full of beautiful things and memories and that for now Chris and Molly are more than enough to keep me happy. So here is a taste of my champagne happiness.

007This beautiful sign was purchased at a store in my mums town Koo Wee Rup I saw it and had to have it…I really do have fairytale love and I keep it above the stove in the kitchen to remind me of that when I am grumbly and don’t wanna cook.

008I love owls lots they are placed all through the house subtly and the believe sign was a gift from a friend after I had miscarried it helps me keep the faith everyday

009These beautiful collages were made by my sisters best friend as a wedding gift they are all the people we love best in the world. They take pride of place in our living room.

Lastly my favourite thing in the whole house:

006THE RECLINER……oh you thought I meant Chris and Molly? Lol I totally did but I do really love that recliner as well.

So there you have it…maybe next year I will have my chaise Lounge but then lets be honest it wouldn’t go with the Vinnies chic look I already have going. Best stick to my beer budget things after all I would hate to lose sight of whats important.


12 thoughts on “Our House is a very very very fine house- Listmania #9

  1. Oh yes, I totally have similar days. I used to be addicted to Home & Garden shows and it started making me crazy, you know, like somehow life wasn’t worth living if you didn’t have the “latest and greatest” things that were constantly being showcased!! I haven’t done my post yet, but took my photos last week and my recliner is front row centre as well!! Great post, love your sense of humour!

  2. NiCe reminder of what’s important – but also have permission to grumble. I hate that whole ‘1st world problem’ stick…who’s drawing the line about what you can complain about…nice too that your favourite things are linked to events (and I say, if the players aren’t listening to you, sometimes you have to swear at them)

  3. God you make me laugh!
    I love the Vinnies chic look. I also have a lot of inner child stuff in me, more like an inner 3 year old, unpredictable & egotistical. We can be that now & then. You go get that chaise lounge, girl.

  4. i would love a chaise as well – it is a fantasy thing i think!

    it is okay to dream and want more honey!! i like making these lists because they help me see what i DO have (because trust me i have home envy a lot) but it also inspired me to make my home nicer now – i tidied my craft trolley and went yesterday and spent money on new bedding finally. Little changes over time can totally bring your fairytale to life! xxxx deb

  5. You have some beautiful happy places! I especially like your believe corner. I have to stop myself looking at houses back home as that always makes me grumpy.

  6. Oh, I LOVE your fairytale print! Love your photo of Chris and Molly, oh no, sorry, I mean the recliner. So very kind of you not to wake them and kick them off to get the shot…

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