Oi with The Poodles Already

I had one of those days today. You know those days where you find yourself frustrated because people seem exceptionally stupid and you only like a handful of people and you’re not even sure if you are one of those people. So I am sitting here thinking of what I learnt from my day so that I never have to experience a repeat of it.

  • I learnt that The Biggest Loser ads that show people my size eating a whole 2 litres of ice cream straight from the tub and eating family size meals by themselves will make me feel incredibly pissed off. I do not eat that way yes I am fat and yes I eat too much but that is ridiculous neither I nor my other beloved fatties eat like that. I ironically felt small watching that ad like that is what all society must think I eat like.
  • I learnt that Lyndal is my voice of reason..”for starters Rach not everyone thinks all big people eat like that and maybe those people really do eat like that that’s why they’re on the show”
  • I have also learnt that no matter how bad a television commercial can make me feel a call to Luke the exercise physiologist to set up tomorrow nights session can make me feel incredible.
  • I have learnt that while feeling incredible it is probably best not to eat 2 freddos.
  • I have learnt that some people are full of crap they just can’t help it and rather than be annoyed by how little they offer me I choose to be amused by their crap “Oh wow tell me again how you almost played professional football  and professional cricket whilst saving the world from unspeakable demons and curing cancer”. I have learnt today that the way to deal with these people is simple…head tilt and say “A huh”.
  • I have learnt that when I think someone is full of crap Lyndal tends to agree.
  • I have learnt to never ever ever ask my husband how my hair looks during the Parra vs Bulldogs game he didn’t even bother with the head tilt before he said “A huh”.
  • I have learnt that Molly has an insatiable appetite and once she has finished licking her plate and the kitchen floor and herself she will attempt to lick me until I no longer have skin.
  • Lastly I have learnt that no matter how old you are if someone offers you lolly teeth putting them in your mouth like real teeth is ALWAYS fun.
see always fun

see always fun


2 thoughts on “Oi with The Poodles Already

  1. generally we are pretty logical – even when one of us is being pretty emo 😉 we are a good pair my dear, a good pair. just remember – it isn’t like this forever…. this is just a moment, an hour, a day in a life that is going to span more than 34675 days… which is 832200 hours, and 49 932 000 minutes. Now I’m not the best mathematician, and its late and I’ve had a bad headache for about 12 hours now, but I’m thinking thats a whole lot of minutes to not get stuck in today and all of its stupidness! love ya guts x

  2. Ahh Rach, The Biggest Loser is toxic! Actually doing the 12WBT programme has turned me right off. It’s no longer about doing it for health and lifestyle, women who have poor self esteem are competing with each other to be the tiniest. One last week commented how she’s feeling really good now she’s down to 51kg, only has 3kg to go. WTAF? Self worth shouldn’t rest on weight and shape. You’re a star xx

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