I’ve Been to Paradise but I’ve Never Been to Me- Listmania #8

When I was 19 I was stuck on a train that was in between stations just sitting there for 45 minutes and it was at that stage that I started writing a list of things to do before I turned 30. A mini bucket list if you will though at the time I had no idea what a bucket list was.

This list became a topic of conversation for a few weeks, months even maybe and I remember crossing a few things of off it and then the list disappeared and I forgot about it. Fast forward 9 years when Chris and I were moving into our house and there it was written in the back of notebook. I read it with a smile and a laugh and with complete suprise at how many things I had done off of that list……and as I like to share with you all here we go….

  1. Have a Meaningful Conversation with a stranger…….When I was 25 I had my heart seriously broken by someone and on insistance from my bestie I put on my best dress and red lipstick and went out for a night of dancing and drinking. At about 2 in the morning my feet were sore and I needed to sit I sat on a stool next to a guy. He offers to buy me a drink I say yes and we start to chat. He had just broken up with his partner of 20 years (yes a man perhaps I should have mentioned I was in a gay club) and what followed was one of the most incredible and intense conversations of my life. It finished about 3 hours later when my friends wanted to go home. We said goodbye he kissed me on the cheek, we hugged and he told me he loved me, completely sincere looked me in the eyes and said I love you….I found myself saying it back and meaning it…Looking back I realise I never even knew his name but his words healed me when I felt beyond broken.
  2. Find the perfect shade of red nail polish……Done it is deep and gorgeous and called Poison Apple, the perfect shade of red lipstick for me is a blue red shade Loreal Le Rouge Ravishing Red. Incase you were wondering this was on my list as a rebellion my mother always said only bad girls wore red nail polish.

    I love me some red lips

    I love me some red lips

  3. Get drunk in an english pub…….Yes there were several pubs in chester and cute english guys. I also caught a train from London to Paris, went to countries where I didn’t speak the language, made out with a stranger, been to Disneyland, saw wonders of the world…..I’m not suprised by how many things on my list were related to travel but I do feel proud having accomplished so many of them.

    World travelling

    World travelling

  4. Have sex…….yep I was yet to at that stage and I have to say looking back I would have put have great sex because I know the first few times in particular I wondered what all the fuss was about.It took falling in love to experience sex as anything beyond mediocre. As a married woman I now know sex can be incredible, amazing and healing. I have never seen sex as a chore…not with Chris anyway.
  5. Hug a tree…….I did this with my friend Michael, I also flew a kite, learnt auslan, stopped biting my nails, fell in love and got married.

    marrying my best friend

    marrying my best friend

It’s funny to think of the things that seemed so important then. There were other things on the list of course. Things I haven’t yet achieved. I mean I haven’t won 2 oscars yet, I haven’t married John Cusack or swam with dolphins and most importantly started a family but it’s only a matter of time…after all I already have the Oscars acceptance speech prepared.

<Linking up with the wonderful Deb from Home Life Simplified for another Listmania>


12 thoughts on “I’ve Been to Paradise but I’ve Never Been to Me- Listmania #8

  1. A lovely way to express the bucket list, glad you have met your Prince Charming. It is amazing how life changes when you meet the man you are supposed to be with.

  2. Love so much about your list – that you did some of the things you write at 19, that you pursued red as a rebellious act, that you are Oscar ready and that you had that amazing conversation in that gay bar. a life well lived indeed lovely. – deb xx

    • I used to think that the moments in life you would remember were the big moments but writing this helped me realise that so many of my favourite moments in life were moments which might have passed me by if I wasn’t paying attention

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