Things I want to learn – Listmania #7

There are so many ways I could respond to this weeks prompt for Listmania Things I want to learn. I could go the earnest approach and say that I would love to learn how to not take things so personally and not care so much what people think of me but as much as both of those things are honest they lack the quirky humour that I tend to carry with me everyday. So I will give you my list the rest of it if you promise not to laugh…..oh who am I kidding some of them are ridiculous so feel free to laugh.

I want to learn how to read Mollys mind so that when she stares at me in the mornings when I tell her I have to go to work I know if she is thinking “Gee Mummy I’m gonna miss you’ or if she is really thinking “Yeah yeah give me the damn Schmacko already”. If I could read her mind I might be able to get to the bottom of why she likes to lick me so much particularly my feet which in all honesty Molly is pretty gross.

molly and me

molly and me

I would love to learn how to make a ruffle cake because they look so incredible. So pretty and colourful and they look like they require far more patience than I really have so I guess what my evil twin would like to learn is the name of someone who makes ruffle cakes and doesn’t have a facebook page so I can claim victory of something that isn’t really mine . Sinister I know but at the end of the day I don’t even really like to eat cake I just think they are pretty.

ruffle cake courtesy of

ruffle cake courtesy of

I want to learn how to sing all the words to the Barenaked Ladies “One Week” I have the first verse down perfect but I get confused with the Sailor Moon line later on. I should probably disclose that I have been trying to sing these lyrics in time since I first saw 10 Things I Hate About You so yeah that’s about 14 years now.

I want to learn the Beyonce single ladies dance in it’s entirity and whilst I’m not saying that I am likely to ever do it wearing a black one sleeved leotard I will say that this is my fitness goal and I will have accomplished this by the end of the year. I will also here and now stand by this goal and promise to film some of it for this blog when I have learnt it.

All the single ladies all the single ladies

All the single ladies all the single ladies

Finally to add some sincerity to my ridiculous but fun list I want to learn the joy of carrying a baby inside me to full term and I want to learn the joy of becoming a mother and I want to learn the frustrating but so rewarding lifetime of being a parent. In all honesty I am willing to go without learning anything else in my lifetime if I am blessed enough to get to learn this.

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9 thoughts on “Things I want to learn – Listmania #7

  1. is that ruffle cake frosting? wow!!
    i seriously look forward to seeing your beyonce moves! that would be incredible.

    I wish i had the power to grant wishes to others as I would grant you all the joys you are seeking lovely lady xxx

  2. WOW that ruffle cake is amazing – you wouldn’t want to eat it after making that!
    Gosh it’s hard not to take things personally isn’t it – I hope you manage to achive this – I bet you will feel awesome!

  3. What a great take on things you want to learn – add to your mindreading learning, learning to read babies minds so that when you have one (fingers crossed for you) you’re equipped with the ability to understand their cries!

  4. I have to agree with Shell if you can work out what your dog is thinking then chances are you will find parenting a doddle! Cannot wait to see your take on the Beyonce classic!

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