Conversations With A Hairdresser

All little girls dream of being a hairdresser at some point don’t they? Or at least play pretend at being one, I know that I was an amazing barbie hairdresser braiding and making ponytails and even trialling my cutting skills. I think I had potential after all never once did a barbie doll ever complain.

I have older sisters (7 of them infact) so over the years my barbie honed hairdresser skills were called into requirement for the cheap at home dying solution or the blow dry straight (yes kiddies back in my day before hair straighteners….). These were all things that I pulled off with moderate success although I am sure there were arguements with my sisters lets be honest that’s what sisters are good at I do remember for certain that there were never any absolute “horror” moments.

My favourite hairdressing role was one that I fell into accidentally.

Most readers would be aware that my father passed away 3 weeks before my 10th birthday but what I have never told you guys about is the fact that so many people tried to fill that void of dad. They saw a little girl without a father and tried to be a father to me never realising that I HAD a father he just happened to live in heaven. I never liked these people who tried to “parent” me, as an adult I am able to appreciate the good intentions behind their actions.

grumpy man

grumpy man

When I was 15 my mother asked a family friend if it was possible to spend the night at their place because of an event early the next day (we didn’t have a car) my mothers friend had to go to a meeting and I was left watching tv at their house with her husband. I remember him then as a cranky man who was the same age my father would have been. The cranky man made me steak and never said a word we just watched documentaries on crocodiles. I guess you could say I liked him straight away.


having fun

having fun


These 2 beautiful people treated me and loved me like a daughter and it was somewhere around the age of 18 that I started to cut Colins hair for him. We made it a game that only the 2 of us played. “Hi Colin how you doing how’s the wife” It was 20 minutes of fun and giggles while I cut his hair. I didn’t know what it was like to be an adult and have a father/daughter  relationship but those 20 minutes each month meant more than I can truly express in words. It gave me more of an understanding of what I was missing by not having a father and made me feel even luckier to have it in some form.

Colin was the person who walked me down the aisle, he said a speech at my wedding, he and his wife have loved me and cared for me and never asked for anything in return. A monthly haircut seemed like the least I could do.

walking me down the aisle

walking me down the aisle

Colin recently had heart surgery and as a result of that he has suffered several mini strokes. He is doing ok, his speech has been affected but he can still chat and laugh just slower and more slurred.He is different but the same as well.  I’m still his surrogate daughter and of course I’m still his hairdresser and the conversations that come with it well they are even more special than ever.

my 30th fancy dress

my 30th fancy dress

<Linking up with the beautiful Josefa from Always Josefa for this months Conversation over Coffee>


12 thoughts on “Conversations With A Hairdresser

  1. what a heartbreakingingly, beautiful post – thank you so much for linking up – this is the absolute reason why I have this linky to start with – to have these conversations – to pull at the heart strings – to remind us of humanity – and what is important in life
    what gorgeous memories to have and what a beautiful story to be able to tell
    Josefa from #convocoffee

  2. Oh that’s such a beautiful story. So glad you had someone who could fill at least a small part of that void for you, and I bet he really appreciates not having to to go the actual hairdresser 🙂

  3. What a beautiful story. SO glad you found someone to be special to you ! I cut my husband’s hair – but only because he has a #2 or #3 plus a tidy up – if he wanted anything more than that he would have to go to a barber !!!
    Have the best weekend !

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