Everyday Everyday Everyday I write the book- Listmania #6

So here I am linking in with the amazing Deb at Home Life Simplified for Listmania #6. This week is about blogs, blogs that I have long read and blogs that are new to me ( 5 of each). So I have a confession… as I am mostly new to the blogging community most blogs seem new to me there are 3 however that I have been reading even before I was blogging.

I’m not sure how others choose the blogs they read but what I do know is that with me the blogs that I have stayed with are the ones written by people that I know in the real world and these are the ones I started with as well.

  • Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum : For anyone who reads Lori’s blog there is a before and an after. I have known Lori since before the before. We went to high school together, we went to uni together and even set up a community centre together. We lost touch for a few years as people do but I always wondered about her and that was how I came to find her on facebook and then discover her purple life through her blog. It is no suprise to me that Lori advocates for openness about mental health and ridding the world of the stigma attached to it and suicide she has always been an advocate for those who have trouble advocating for themselves.
  • Family of Killers: Lyndal is my work pal and right hand gal. She is the truest of friends and also the person who exposed me to the blogging community and the idea of link ups. It is with her help that I have discovered how to discover new blogs.
  • A Study in Contradictions: Kylie is another lovely lady who I went to high school with and we have a mutual love of books and harry potter. I have loved reading about the first year of motherhood and now expecting motherhood again.

I have recently discovered so many blogs as I suppose a lot of us do through things like Listmania and for me IBOT always brings me amazing reading and amazing blogs. So here are just a few that I love and that I never miss if I can help it.

  • Always Josefa: since linking up for the first of the Conversations over Coffee…….I have followed her blog. I love her sincerity and reading about her parenting journey.
  • Where’sMy Glow: I LOVE reading Glows posts they are always honest and funny. She makes me look forward to being a parent.
  • The Girl Behind The Dress: Carly is one of the few non parents whose blog I have the pleasure to read, I find her fascinating and she totally appeals to my inner girly girl.
  • Beth Dressed: My beautiful friend Bethany has recently started a career in burlesque performance and she blogs the journey. She is fabulous and beautiful.

and lastly but incredibly importantly my recent discovery who is well known to all of you is

  • Home Life Simplified: I started following Deb for Listmania and now I read every post I am always left feeling uplifted and supported šŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Everyday Everyday Everyday I write the book- Listmania #6

  1. love your list as there are lots that I have not read much but will check out. I am always amazed at the connections in the blogging world – now I can picture you and the awesome Lyndal hanging out together – makes sense (2 fab bloggy chicks are IRL fab friends!) – so glad you found listmania!! – deb xx

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