Push It, Push it real good

My knee hurts.

I have a headache.

My foot is swollen.

My hair is frizzy.

Yep I’m not kidding these were all excuses this morning for me not wanting to go get my fitness on this evening.

Rach of old would have listened and justified it and said “Well exercising on a sore knee will just make it worse best to rest it”

Todays Rach told that Rach to stop being a whiny little princess and to put her exercise clothes on. Just to clarify I don’t have multiple personalities and I don’t normally refer to myself in the 3rd person I was just attempting vague humour ;).

So I went and I walked and I cycled and I worked my arms like no tomorrow and I walked out feeling great about myself. I got into the car feeling like a million dollars (figuratively obviously) and I got home and got the fella to take a photo of me as you see below.

I made this amazing grilled chicken with oregano for dinner to have in salad wraps and then I sat and relaxed and then came the ache. I worked my body today. I feel it in my feet and my calves and in my tuckshop arms.

Amazingly this pain makes me feel PROUD it takes me back to the days when I was dancing and I was proud of the first blisters. My body is learning how to move again and it hurts so good.

see the frizzy hair definite reason to skip right?

see the frizzy hair definite reason to skip right?


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