Somebody that I used to Know

I used to write a blog called Operation Lose a Cameron this was 2 years ago and he was at the time my best friend who weighed 50 kilos. The goal was to lose the amount that he weighed but fate it seems has an ironic sense of humour and I lost a Cameron alright but not the weight the person.

We had gone to school together for 6 years and yet I had no idea who he was until I met him at a friends 18th at the end of Year 12 he was drunk and threw up at my feet and looked up at me and said “You have really pretty hair do you wanna go on a date”. Apparently in his drunkeness his homosexuality had eluded him. I was charmed instantly.

We became fast friends and almost immediately best friends in some ways we were like Will and Grace and in other ways we were like Jack and Karen. We were there for each other but we usually had a hilarious time doing it.

In the early days I was studying and had no money so most of the fun occurred at my house. I remember calling him up one day to come fly a kite because I was 20 years old and thought it was odd that I had never flown a kite before. He came over and even to this minute I find myself typing this with a smile on my face at the image of him running down the hill infront of my house on a windless day with a bright pink kite trying to get it up into the sky.

lets go fly a kite

lets go fly a kite

We were always very different people but that seemed to work for us it brought balance and we both had a slightly wacky sense of humour it was not uncommon for us for there to be a random text that would say something along the lines of “Have a Romy and Michele Day”. We also had a tendency to make up games at parties usually involving celebrities who were obviously obsessed with us “Um Cam I just spoke to Justin Timberlake and he said you are totally bringing sexy back”.

I remember something now that my mum said when I was about 19 that our friendship would suffer when I met my future husband and I remember thinking that my mum was wrong but in a small way she was right. Falling in love with Chris did change my friendship with Cam.But looking at it now I think part of that change was inevitable afterall at 28 I was completely different to who I was at 18. The woman who lost a baby was different to the girl who went to her formal in a silver gemini with a bumper bar held on by string.

In the last 2 years we drifted a bit, hung out with very different people and were interested in very different things and then one day last August I was flicking through the channels and came across an old favourite I went to write on his wall on facebook have a Romy and Michele Day when I realised that we were no longer facebook friends. I thought it was a mistake so I looked at Chris’ page nope no longer friends with him either I was sad. Devastated even.

picture is from

picture is from

I don’t know whether he expected me to contact him and beg for friendship but that’s not who I am. I miss him but deleting me makes me feel like he needed space from me and because I loved him and his friendship for so many years I don’t want to add any futher drama to the situation. The truth is we’re just both really different now. Both of us different to the people we were when we met and so I hope he’s well and happy and if anybody sees him please let him know Madonna called and she’s still his number 1 fan.

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13 thoughts on “Somebody that I used to Know

  1. I understand the concept of friends growing apart and how heartbreaking it is at the time (not to mention the devastation of a FB defriend) but in each of the instances it has happened to me, fate has had a funny way of stepping in and bringing us back together some time later. I do hope that your Cameron comes back one day too x

  2. Oh hon – definitely bittersweet as Mel said – you have such wonderful memories, but i understand the feeling of reaching out and not finding him there… xx deb

  3. Hello Rae, lovely to meet you, you sound so interesting- I mean who loves baking but not eating cake?? Anyway, I just want to say I hear you- all too well- because I once wrote an epic wordy post on the exact same theme- drifting from my high school bestie- who (not quite ironically) I last ever laid eyes on at my wedding (to which he wore jeans!) It’s sad and I think of him often, I cried when I wrote it but it couldn’t work now. Good luck to you whatever happens, best wishes from #teamIBOT

  4. It’s sad when people move apart, but I think we all change and sometimes the traits that appealled to us when we were 18 are not that appealling when we are 28.
    Have the best day !
    #IBOT visitor

  5. I had a similiar experience in a way. Not exactly the same, but similar.
    I had all male friends growing up, and those relationships do change when you marry. They should really. Doesn’t make it stop being sad though 😦

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