A Day in the Life…….Listmania #5

So here I am tuning in for Debs Home Life Simplified Listmania again because I love it soooo much and this weeks is A Day in the Life of me …..or you if you want to participate 🙂 For my day I chose Saturday as in last Saturday so hopefully you don’t find it too mundane.

I wake up to the beautiful licking face of Molly and I proceed to accidentally bump Chris with my arm until he wakes up too 🙂

Thanks for the wake up call

Thanks for the wake up call


The wake up call was followed by breakfast which by the looks of it is milk with a side of muesli



I may or may not have then sat in the recliner to watch the morning news and maybe just maybe had a snooze where my husband took a photo of me with what he calls my grumpy face.

yes this is the face he loves it i think it may be the weirdest face i have ever seen

yes this is the face he loves it i think it may be the weirdest face i have ever seen


When I wake up I partake in some housework while hubby is out helping a family friend

cleanerI may or may not have stopped briefly while cleaning the bathroom to practice my Oscars Acceptance in the mirror…

I'd like to thank the academy for this amazing honour

I’d like to thank the academy for this amazing honour

By this stage it’s 4pm hubby has returned from taking our family friend to the hospital and we like some childless couples took advantage of the spare time and had a “nap”

Sky rockets in flight....afternoon delight

Sky rockets in flight….afternoon delight

At 6 my gorgeous friend Sarah comes over to watch some American Horror Story because she has always wanted to watch it and due to living alone she doesn’t wanna watch it at her place.

such a creepy show

such a creepy show

We order some dinner and relax and watch the show…

dinnerSarah and I discuss the many different colours I could paint my nails we settle on green so of course I paint them blue

blue and sparkly

blue and sparkly

We finish the day  with watching and laughing at Graham Norton because Sarah is creeped out and cannot go home without having something to laugh out. So overall it’s a lovely Saturday but obviously I don’t live the high life 🙂







13 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…….Listmania #5

  1. OMG Rae you cracked me up so hard every step of the way – i can already say you are definitely one of next week’s featured lists!!

    and when i want to watch a thriller (cannot do horror) I have to wait for a night hubby is available to watch too as I need someone to grab onto and not feel stupid when i jump out of my skin so i am with Sarah!! – deb xx

  2. Love your day! Had thought about your friend being too scared to be driving home alone after such a movie… I find the walk from the lounge room to the bedroom creepy enough! Looking forward to the Oscar Ceremony… what category should I be watching out for you in?

  3. Love this post! What a great way to wake up each morning! I would love to see the green nails – next time do green and post for me (green is my favourite colour haha). I watched a scary movie on my own once (everyone else was in bed) – I still have nightmares about it now about a year later!

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  5. Good grief I’ve found my match! We are, like, identical in every way, except I have 5 kids and no sanity. I practise my awards speech in front of the mirror, have blue fingernails, watch American Horror Story and had a dog called Molly. Snap. Amazing. Hopefulraeofsunshine – you have a great blog!

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