Let’s Get Physical

If this was an 80’s movie todays workout session would have been a montage of women in g string leotards and legwarmers. I would have had a full face of make up and a sweat band and I would be able to smile big and workout without a sweat.

This was no 80’s movie.

It was an assessment. Of what my body could take. Of what I could take. I got sweaty and my ponytail got messy. I got breathless and my cheeks got pink but the smile from the 80’s workout well it’s funny to say it kinda found a way to my face.

before....a little bit of fear in my eyes

before….a little bit of fear in my eyes

The first stop was the treadmill how long I could walk and how fast, I warn him I won’t last long he says it isn’t a competition and we all have to start somewhere. I last 5 minutes before I need to stop…is it cause you’re breathless he asks….no I say I have this tweaking pain in the bottom of my back. He explains to me that the weight in my stomach causes me to have to force myself to stand up straight….this will go away the more weight I lose.

Next comes flexibility which I ace…8cm away from the wall is great, I’m more than 10cm he is very happy. My balance is good slightly better than average and apparently I am ridiculously strong in my arms. My hips rotate really well with only a little bit of resistance with the left one.

Next comes the bike, I pre empt him on this I am unco and never learnt how to ride a bike, he has to help me with the pedals but I can cycle I can keep a good pace if only my knees wouldn’t hit my stomach each time they come around lol.

When we finish I feel elated not from any exercise high I just feel energised and incredibly proud of myself. This was the first step and it is NEVER going to be as hard as it was today. My next session is on Wednesday.

after and still smiling

after and still smiling

And that 80’s workout smile well it is still hours later firmly planted on my face. My life is changing and it’s incredible.

the hubby and i had delicious sushi for dinner

the hubby and i had delicious sushi for dinner


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