My First My Last My Everything

Today is Valentines Day or Thursday depending on which way you look at it and it also seems to be the best day to write a letter to my beloved husband Chris.

Dear Chris,

You may think this is me attempting to make up for the fact that I never got around to making you a valentines card or buying one and you may be partially right but I also like the idea of sharing our story.

I always knew you were special not in the please don’t lick the wallpaper way but in the different and intruguing way. That first time when I sat next to you in Year 11 in Ancient History I thought to myself this guy is so funny and nobody realises because he is so shy.

That would be where our story started and yet I had no idea. At the time I just thought you were a great guy little did I know the love story that we would someday become.



A chance add on facebook led to late night chats where I ironically gave you tips on how to pick up girls, we were friends first that’s always important I think. After a few weeks you suggested a hang out (I was naive and didn’t realise that this was code for date). I cancelled on you twice I’m so sorry about that now….when we eventually went on our hang out “date” I was wearing jeans and last nights mascara and you were all dressed up. 15 minutes in I knew you were wonderful and looking back I know now I was inlove with you almost instantly. When you kissed me I knew I could quite happily never kiss anyone else ever again.

And then you did the guy thing and put me through 3 months of hmmmm I’m not sure, not ready to be tied down committment phobic garbage. I remember me in all my melodrama telling you that your life without me would be empty but I could quite happily go on without you (which was utter nonsense because I would have been devastated). It was the wake up call you needed, you overnight became my “boyfriend” and were completely committed. We started living together almost straight after that. It was bliss.

On our first anniversary you were so thoughtful and booked us a beautiful dinner and we went for a drive. You took me to Botany Bay because I had told you that’s where my dad used to take me when I was little. It was pouring rain remember? I kicked off my heels and rain out into it you put the umbrella over my head. We stood on the boardwalk and you played Little Ray of Sunshine for me on your phone because my dad had always said it was written about me. We danced in the rain and I looked out at the water thinking it this was the most perfect moment in my life. When I looked back you were down on 1 knee with your mums engagement ring……I couldn’t stop giggling I was so happy.

Just after I said yes

Just after I said yes

at our halloween engagement party

at our halloween engagement party


Saying I do to you was the most amazing feeling. I felt home knowing that you were now officially my family and adding to that family with Molly has just made things even more incredible.

I do

I do

You make me happy EVERYDAY. You make me feel loved and supported. You tell me that I’m beautiful, I cannot believe that I ever got this lucky to be loved unconditionally. So I want you to know that You make everything wonderful and I love you so completely and I cannot wait to have children with you because you will make an incredible father.

I love you now and always,

Rach xxx


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