When I get my Name in Lights

I have to buy sneakers. Somehow on the dawn of this purchase it has occurred to me the enormity of the journey I am about to embark on. The journey that I have already started.

I guess not having sneakers is a good indication into just how long it has been since fitness has been a part of my life that and my husband is right I really do need to start spending more on myself and I don’t just mean money.

scared about what's to come

scared about what’s to come

As those of you who often read know I am a complete film buff and quite often the characters that are my favourites and the ones that I relate to are the supporting characters. I identify with the supporting characters ? I see myself in the supporting characters? Not anymore. This is my life and I deserve to be the star of it. My name will be up in the marquee in lights and I will no longer be afraid.

Because failure is merely falling off the treadmill and when that happens what do I do? Well truthfully possibly cry or vomit or both but then I get back on. I keep going because having a family is worth it, socialising with my friends more is worth it, spending forever with my husband is worth it, because I AM WORTH IT.

This friday it all starts. I feel like I’m on the rollercoaster and the chain is slowly clanking me up to the top and the butterflies in my stomach are drunk and giddy and running into my sides but I have a good feeling that it’s all going to be amazing afterall I’ve always loved rollercoasters.

I can do this

I can do this

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8 thoughts on “When I get my Name in Lights

  1. ok, truthfully, the treadmill scares the bejeesus out of me. I cannot even fathom up a jog on it. That aside, LOVE LOVE LOVE this post – i’ll be sure to point you back to it as required xx

  2. Good luck with it! Fitness as a part of a lifestyle change and for health reasons (both physical and mental) is so important. After my healthy mum had to have a bypass surgery at the age of 52, I seriously started to look at my lifestyle as I wasn’t even exercising. If I can prolong any heart disease that runs in my family through environmental changes, I’ll do it!

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