Working Hard for the Money- Listmania 4

So I am linking up with Deb from Home Life Simplified for another Listmania because they have become my brand new Monday addictions and this weeks is all about jobs past and present so here goes…..

My very first job was one of pleasure and amazement and started when I was 14. I started teaching dancing to the littlies at my dancing school. I LOVED IT!! I had forgotten how much until I recently taught the chicken port de bras by telling her to scoop up the flowers and burst the bubbles and the pay? That was twice what all my maccas bound friends were getting and all while I was having fun twirling and swirling with my little sugar plum fairies.

My next job was as a waitress in a coffee shop, I was hopeless and my coffee was worse….truly dismal like no foam on a capuccino…I lasted 3 months.

My next job was working in the same nursing home that my mum and 2 of my sisters had worked in before me. I started when I was 16 and served breakfast to the residents and then when I was 17 I became a personal carer in the hostel section. The residents loved me- mostly for my youth I think they used to tell me I was a beautiful girl and they would always compliment me on my “fancy” hair (btw that was really just a messy bun with a flower clip in it). I really enjoyed caring for the residents and didn’t think twice about assisting them with their showering and dressing the only part that I found difficult was getting attached to residents and then them passing away which was always sad.

While I was working as a personal carer and studying at uni as well I started in the greatest job I have ever had, I started working as a swimming instructor. This was a job I kept on with for 5 years. There was never a day that it felt like work and even though I smelt like chlorine 24/7 I LOVED it. I taught all ages from 6 months to adult and I was good at it no scratch that I was GREAT at it. I think it is the only time in my life that I have known I was good at something.But it was always casual work and in Summer I would work 45 hours a week in Winter it would only be 15 hours and it was just too hard to try to make a living out of.

I have worked in a number of jobs since then “real” jobs “grown up” jobs with salaries and business cards but I have not yet come across another job that made me as happy as teaching swimming. So this is my quest, my goal for the new year because I never wanted to be someone who did a job just for the money. it’s time to find out what makes me happy workwise again.


8 thoughts on “Working Hard for the Money- Listmania 4

  1. Ooh I envy you having had a job that made you feel the way being a swimming instructor did. I am not sure I ever have had that moment. Good luck in finding that bliss again.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your history – i was there with you at all those jobs as I felt how much you connected with them from the elderly to the little dancers to the swimmers – you are a teacher and a carer obviously at heart as that is what ties them all together. you must be very patient!! what about preschool teacher? – deb xx

  3. I hope you can find another swimming instructor role that will give you a little more income during winter.
    My brother’s first MIL worked for National Cancer – she was the most amazing person and I could never understand how she could work all the time with terminally ill patients. There would be times when she was really quiet because all her patients had died – it takes a special type of person to work with the sick and the elderly.
    Have the best day !

  4. It’s great that you found a job you were good and loved. It’s a pity swimming isn’t more all year around. I’m sure lots of people stop during winter.

  5. Such great jobs – I also volunteered in a nursing home when I was about the same age as you ands I also loved it. I didn’t do it for very long but for the time I did it was a wonderful experience. Good luck in finding your ‘happy’ job.

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