Isn’t She Lovely

Isn’t she lovely
Isn’t she wonderful
Isn’t she precious
Less than one minute old

We’re not trying for a baby. Not for a year which we figure is enough time for me to be able to get my health (read into this weight) issues to the level where I feel comfortable having a child and caring for a child. I know from watching the lovely ladies around me with kiddies that there will be no time for me to just be able to concentrate on me after. But even though we know we’re waiting for the right reasons we both are at that stage where we are longing for a baby.

I’ve realised that babies are like chocolate (stay with me on this one mums) when you say you’re not having one it only seems to make you want one more and it doesn’t seem to help that we seem to be surrounded by babymaking machines. I’ve noticed a change though….when we first lost the jellybean I couldn’t bear to be around babies and I was insanely jealous of anyone having one. Now I find I’m incredibly happy for the people in my life who are having babies……….and only moderately jealous.

I find myself relishing in my role of Aunty Rach more than ever before and part of the responsibility for this lies I believe with the chicken. My Beautiful golden haired 3 year old niece who is that kid who makes everyone want to have children. Whom is so much like my sister in all the good ways and all the hilarious. My favourite of all the arguements I have seen her have with my sister was on Christmas Eve when my sister was telling her how she was misbehaving and she looked at her and said “I’ll be in my room”. Never had that phrase been more melodramatic or hilarious.

Me and the chicken our first photo

Me and the chicken our first photo

when she was a little older

when she was a little older


So today I find my happiness with my chicken who rang me to tell Aunty Rach about soccer and kicking the ball and how she was the only girl there and realise the power that her laughter has on a day when I’m not so happy with my job and plagued with self doubt. There is nothing that cannot be fixed by the words ok Ratch loves you and for now that is more than enough. Babies can wait…….for a little while longer.

my beautiful girl

my beautiful girl

P.s I dyed my hair red and LOVE it.



P.P.s I got the all clear and start my exercise program on the 15th I’m still in pain but the exercise can only help.

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9 thoughts on “Isn’t She Lovely

  1. Go you! Hope the exercise program gets you on track again. You do get some mighty fine moments as an aunty. I still remember playing, cuddling and running with my niece and storing those times at the back of my memory in case the day finally came that I could live them with my own. May you get to live them with your own too. xxx

  2. The all clear? Awesome πŸ™‚ you may find that compression stockings help with the pain in the beginning. Also low impact stuff like swimming too. If you like, I’m doing the 12WBT & can forward you the emails with the diet & exercise plan. I’m doing the beginner programme. Just DM me your email on twitter (I deactivated my FB) xx

  3. It’s nice you can shower all that love on her before you have your own baby. I loved my nephews when they were little, and now they are grown, my sisters love my kids πŸ™‚

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