It’s a Jolly Holiday……Week 2 of Listmania

So this weeks Listmania with Deb from Home Life Simplified is concentrating on your current season and the Highs and Lows of It.

I love this time of year I really do for a number of reasons.

  • The Celebrations, I am a christmas freak , I love decorating the tree and buying presents and seeing everyone I love most, in particular my nephews and nieces.
  • The water, the beach and pools and even drinking water everything about water is relaxing for me in summer (Although I feel bad saying this knowing there is so much flooding happening at the moment.)
  • I love the feel of the early morning sunrise and the late evening sunsets when the hubby and i go on long drives with good music and air conditioning.
  • The MOVIES I love all the new release movies and being able to escape the heat and escape into the cinema. This year I have tried the wonders of the bean bag cinema. Located at Hoyts Mt Druitt if anyone is interested a bit of a hike for us but it was a new and enjoyable experience, I recommend it. I also love Gold Class and the vouchers that we get for christmas that allow us to indulge in these experiences.
  • Award Season, I am a Film NUT so this time of year is amazing for me and if given the choice I will voice my opinions no matter how unpopular they may be…..

But not everything about Summer is great I kinda really dislike:

  • Sweat and feeling sweaty and stinky particularly as a big girl I always worry that people think fat people stink (this is by the way completely untrue sure some do but so do some slim people lol).
  • Packing up the christmas tree.
  • The bickering and emotions that tend to run high this time of year.
  • The amount of money on top of regular bills etc tends to increase the stress levels.
  • Flies and ants is it just me or do they seem to be everywhere?

So there you have it the 2nd Listmania cannot wait for the next one 🙂


14 thoughts on “It’s a Jolly Holiday……Week 2 of Listmania

  1. Oh movies, I’m so jealous!!! I used to be such a movie-goer & loved being able to escape the heat with a trip there as well. One 40 degree plus day In a whole spell of those days I went to see Narnia by myself & just soaked up the frosty icy-cold land vibe from the screen, it was bliss! And, as a slim person, never had the thought that bigger people stink! In my experience (of others lol) stinkyness has nothing to do with size!

  2. Christmas in summer is still a weird one for me and probably always will be – I’m Scottish and after 3 years of hot xmas here, I still feel slightly unhinged with the chrissy songs in the shops at what is for me completely the wrong time of year!

    Happy to find you via Listmania 🙂

  3. Oh yeah, great movies this time of the year…I’ve seen a few already!
    I agree with packing up the Christmas tree – my daughter decided this year we could keep it up until next Christmas (she asked if we would have another Christmas)

  4. love movies too – we did the outdoor ones with big bean bag chairs/lounges last year but won’t get there this season – so much fun!
    deb xx

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