You Get What You Give

You’ve got the music in you
Don’t let go
You’ve got the music in you
One dance left
This world is gonna pull through
Don’t give up
You’ve got a reason to live
Can’t forget
We only get what we give

So I went. I went to my appointment and I didn’t cancel. Step 1 done.

I was on time in fact I was 4 minutes early. Step 2 done.

I get there and I have to climb 2 flights of stairs to get into the building. Gees I’m a fat girl I tend to favour elevators but I climb them. Step 3 done.

I meet Luke my exercise physiologist and I am slightly puffed from the stairs but I smile and shake his hand he is friendly and this is not as scary as I think. Step 4 done.

Then the questions start health, current injuries, family history and he looks at me and says so weight is your only real medical issue, I say yes and he tells me how lucky I am how many 30’s can’t say that let alone those with weight problems. I ponder for a second, I am lucky yes. Step 5 done.

Then he asks me about goals and motivation and I speak of wanting to be more social and being able to stand with a group of friends at a party and not think hmmm where’s the nearest chair. I tell him about wanting to have a family with my husband and wanting to have the energy to play with my children. I keep the fact that I want to be able to do the whole Single Ladies dance without a break to myself. Step 6.

He takes me through all the exercise equipment and discusses the plans he think will work best for me and that as soon as I am given the clear from my doctor about my blood clot then we can start. I tell him I will probably complain but that I will still do what I am told, he laughs. Yes I think this is going to work. Step 7.

So 7 big steps forward and I find myself excited about the idea of exercising….I can’t wait to read this sentence back and laugh my ass offย  I am hating it lol. There will be good days and there will be bad. I know this isn’t going to be easy but the idea is it’s just step after step and as long as I keep moving I will get there.


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