That was then…..this is now

I’ve been to a few counselling sessions now and I’ve talked about many things. I’ve talked about  life, family, work and of course the weight issue…talked about the various things that had led to that weight gain when finally he stopped me and he said ok Rach enough what has happened in the past is in the past you need to leave it there now. “You are standing at a fork in the road do you carry on or do you make choices. If you stay on this road living in the past your weight isn’t going to change but if you make a choice and make action then everything you want is within your reach…. that amazing that you want to be is a very real possibility.”

I froze….. I was in shock hang on wait you want me to take action and not just talk about it? You want me to make choices and not just wish for a quick fix. Why are we not eating chocolate and watching the notebook and discussing how unfair it is that some people can eat whatever they want without gaining weight.

I felt scared

I felt confronted

I felt inspired

The very next day I rang a local exercise physiology centre that runs an obesity clinic and booked in for an initial appointment which is this thursday by the way. An obesity clinic because that’s what I am…Obese, owning the word is the first step to changing it.

I feel terrified

I feel proud of myself

I feel hopeful

Amazing is on the way.

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24 thoughts on “That was then…..this is now

  1. Wow! Go Rach!! It is scary, and confronting, and everything else you mentioned, but it doesn’t have to be. Hold your head high lovely, you’ve taken more than the first step, you’ve taken a few! I’ve got complete faith in you!

  2. Saying it out loud and realising are the first step. not the hardest, but the first…. ok, EQUAL hardest ! good luck Rach, its a long hard road but its totally worth it in the end (so im led to believe ! ) you can have your christina hendrix body yet….

  3. You should feel proud of yourself!! It is a huge challenge to stop talking and feeling self pity and step out and make big life changes! Good on you, look forward to hearing how your appointment goes!! X Karen #teamIBOT

  4. I think so many of our physical dramas are literally just from carrying past hurts with us. I think your counsellor sounds like a very wise man, and good on you for owning it

  5. I love love love this post. Your words (or thoughts/response to his very sensible words) are just an echo of how so many people feel about any sort of change- whether it be weight or anything else! I know I feel like that all the time about all the changes I WANT to make of a more healthy me… but alas I just continue to whinge 🙂

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