Listmania- the first week oooo I love Lists

Ok so obviously I am Linking up with Home Life Simplified for Listmania because I have an unbelievable addiction to lists and I’m excited for a new link up…..

Currently I am:

Reading: Game of Thrones… totally addicted to the tv show so I am going back to the beginning and reading the books which are amazing by the way….amazing and huge.

Listening to: Taylor Swift RED… I just love the girl and there is this song called stay reminds me of the hubby and I in the first few months.

Laughing at: Gavin and Stacey no matter how many times I watch it I just have to watch it again and laugh and laugh…

Swooning Over: Yoghurtland I am obsessed it is fresh and delicious and just so lovely in the current warm warm days.


Planning: Menus and exercise regimes and ways forward for the next 12 months.

Eating Lots Of: green things, vegies lettuce, spinach and frozen yoghurt.

Feeling: Scared and sad lots of changes stupid blood clot in my leg.Incredibly loved by my wonderful husband.

Discovering: The amazement of the show Mad Men am aspiring to Christina Hendricks body curvy and healthy.

Looking at: tests and ultrasounds and tummy bruises and my puppy not understanding why she cannot climb on mummys legs. Also the beautiful flowers my hubby bought me.


Wearing: My summer uniform of maxi dresses todays is deep blue from ASOS.

Cooking: Nothing at the moment, hubby is doing all the cooking and he is managing spectacularly.

Wondering: if things wanna fall into place for us ever and now wondering if I will grow up and stop throwing myself a pity party lol.

Trying out: The new shows of Summer love this time of year šŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Listmania- the first week oooo I love Lists

  1. so nice to find your blog now – will have to read back a little bit xx
    I have got to read Game of Thrones – have not watched it but have heard so much about it and know it will be great. and i cannot believe how many people mentioned taylor swift in their lists today – my daughters and i are downloading her album finally tomorrow!

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