Dear Mr Claus… it ok if I call you Santa

Do you remember me
I sat upon your knee
I wrote to you
With childhood fantasies
Well, I’m all grown up now
And still need help somehow
I’m not a child
But my heart still can dream

Dear Mr Claus is it ok if I call you Santa I feel like after all these years we have come to know each other very well and if I am being honest Mr Claus just seems too formal for the level of familiarity I believe we have even though it has been many years since I wrote you a letter.

Shall I begin again?

Dear Santa,

Hope this letter finds you and Mrs Claus well and that the North Pole is proving to be mild and amiable in this festive season.

I write this letter to you after a 21 year absence which is a shame because you really were quite the pen friend as you always replied to my letters. The last letter I wrote to you was Christmas of 1991 I was 9 years old and I wrote to ask you for my daddy to get better, you wrote back and told me that you wished that you could grant my christmas wish but that Santa wasn’t God and that you didn’t have that kind of magic. I also asked you for a Barbie Campervan which you totally delivered on so thanks for that.

I like to think of ours as a give give relationship. You would give me presents and I would give you a piece of Simons birthdayย  cake (how convenient to have a brother whose birthday was on Christmas eve- I am sure it made a welcomed change from all the cookies everyone left you).

our tree

our tree

As you will remember I was quite a giving child I do believe the year I was 7 my Christmas wish was for all the hungry children in the world to get to have dinner and if you couldn’t do that then could I have a Rigadoon please. Again you delivered when you brought me Patti the red haired freckled Rigadoon. Guess she was easier to fit into the sleigh then all that food for the worlds kiddies.

So today I write to you because Jess- Essentially Jess (you know with her awesome IBOT team) wrote her christmas wish list and I thought pfft why not Santa is bound to remember me after all I never cried and always smiled whenever I had my photo taken with you. So here it is my grown up christmas list.

chris with our tree

chris with our tree

  • I would like for Chris and I to be able to have the gift of children- though preferably after we’ve been to the UK next Christmas.
  • I want my brothers and sisters and their families to have health and happiness.
  • I would like for Hot Chips to not taste so good so that they are easier to resist.
  • I would like to not struggle to pay any of our bills.
  • I would like to not suffer any nightmares and have blissful sleep.

If all that fails then I wouldn’t mind one of the vintage 1983 Cabbage Patch Dolls (thought I would throw in something easy given our track record).

Kind Regards and Best Wishes because I truly still Believe ,

Rachel xxx

aunty rach with all her pressies to wrap

aunty rach with all her pressies to wrap


14 thoughts on “Dear Mr Claus… it ok if I call you Santa

  1. Here’s to the fat man delivering the goods! I’m definitely with you on the hot chips.. And I’m adding to that list mince pies and buttered toast.

    Loz x

  2. hope you get some of your christmas wishes delivered! So glad you and Santa still have a great relationship. I’ve become a bit of a scrooge in my old age, but now that we have a little one I’m trying to get my Christmas on again.
    Visiting from IBOT x

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