Good Golly Miss Molly

It’s amazing how fast things happen. We sit through days at work that seem to drag where minutes feel like hours and then suddenly we find ourselves saying “Oh my god I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas”.

Last Tuesday seems a lifetime away right now because of course that was in the before or BM as I shall hereby call it……Life before Molly.

You see Wednesday night hubby showed me a picture of a 1 year old pugalier (that would be pug mixed with king charles cavalier) he had seen on Gumtree (shown to him by another friend of ours) he was in love with her and desperately wanted to rescue her as her family couldn’t have her anymore. I was hesitant due to my overwhelming stubborness I wanted a “pug” PUG but one look at Hubbys face had me saying “ok”.

nap time

So there we were on Thursday night driving 2 hours down the south coast to meet the dog of hubbys dreams and then there she was MOLLY!!! It was like the sun was suddenly shining, I was in love. This was my dog too and she loved me straight away. Needless to say by the time we had driven home 2 hours with her snuggled up against me in the back seat I was completely smitten.

I find myself telling random people about my perfect puppy and showing them her photos and I realised this must be a little what it feels like to be a parent to love and care for something so much that you want the rest of the world to love it as much as you do (I say this with the obvious ignorance of a non parent so please forgive me).

on her first night with us

But since I cannot resist bragging about her I will tell you about her. Molly is toilet trained and full of energy. She loves snuggles on the couch and long walks down to the duckpond. She doesn’t like men too much but she worships Chris and she loves to stand with me in the bathroom while I am getting ready for a shower until the actual water starts running and then she hides from it. She has the squishiest face, biggest brown eyes and floppy ears and already she gives her love freely.

hiding behind her mumma

So I hope that this Tuesday fills you with as much happiness as Molly has brought us and that this post serves as a reminder that not all change is a bad thing.

molly missing daddy

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7 thoughts on “Good Golly Miss Molly

  1. Nice to meet you, and Molly- she looks adorable, especially in the last picture. Glad to read she is bringing you both so much joy already. We are in a rare spot between dogs- our darling 16 year old girl went in late April and we’re taking a break. But it’s ALL I CAN DO to not just take a peek at who’s out there. I must. not. look!

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