Fat Bottomed Girls make the Rocking World Go Round

So here I am another blogging Tuesday, another psychologist appointment down and another week closer to Christmas yayyyyyyyy.

Those are not the only things I am closer to either. Today I faced that fear that most women have though few with as much reason to fear it as I do. I stood on the scale and owned the number.

The number that bounced back (and I say bounced cause it had more energy) was 6 kilos less than the number that slumped back at me 4 weeks ago. My face is thinner and I am like an ironwoman of fitness…..ok that’s an exaggeration……ok a flat out lie I’m not any fitter yet but I will be not just because it will be easier to exercise but because I now have that essential requirement to get fit.

my slightly less rounded face

Fitness wear πŸ™‚ It has long amused and bemused me that the market for cute workout clothes was reserved for those women who were well…slim or slim enough to fit within the “normal” size range. It was so frustrating trying to find things that were cute but also functional I mean I know fitness wise I may be “middle aged” but I’m still young and vain I wanna look cute if possible.

Imagine my complete and utter joy when wandering through Big W the other week I saw the Michelle Bridges fitness range sizing all the way up to a size 26. Finally fitness wear catering for ALL the women who need it (and when I say that I don’t just mean larger ladies like myself I mean women of all sizes because we all know fitness is important and essential). Not just that my new and might I add totally cute workout pants cost me a grand total of $19.93. Less than $20!!! I am also going back to get the hot purple singlet top because they are getting more in and it was sold out in my size.

yes these are the pants….simple things amuse me πŸ™‚

Next week the fitness regime kicks up a notch and if wearing cute pants make it easier for me than I say woohoo and a big thank you to Michelle Bridges for helping women of ALL sizes take better care of their bodies and look adorable while doing it.

6 kilos down…..so many more to go but I can will do it. This time it’s going to happen.

<Linking up with the sensational Jess for IBOT>

p.s I just thought I would mention that this is in no way an endorsed post I hate that I need to say that because I know any larger lady who has long been looking for good fitness wear would automatically understand my delight and suprise xx


7 thoughts on “Fat Bottomed Girls make the Rocking World Go Round

  1. Oh good on Michelle Bridges (and very smart marketing too I might add!)
    I know that a lot of women bang on about LJ clothes not being in bigger sizes, but i guess being a smaller person, it’s never bothered me. I feel very shallow and inconsiderate now.
    So glad you are feeling better, losing some weight and have awesome pants as well πŸ™‚

  2. All the best as you continue to work at losing weight! I think it’s wonderful that you can workout in cute pants! Hope you will be going in to buy a smaller pair before long!

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