A Grown Up Christmas List

My mother was a christmas nut, an apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree. It was her biggest hobby and every year she would convert our lounge room in to Santas magic fairytale amazing wonderland. It was so amazing the neighbourhood kids used to stop by every year to see the MAGIC of it all. My mother stopped putting up her decorations when she moved interstate 5 years ago but every year around this time I can’t help but remember how exciting it was in our house at Christmas.

Every year without fail we wouldย  wake up to find old towels on the floors leading pathways throughout the house. These would mean that my mum had scrubbed the walls and the carpets clean overnight because never and I mean never ever could the christmas tree go up without the carpets and the walls being clean. I remember being 6,7,8 years old and knowing that those towels meant that the christmas tree would be up in the lounge all beautiful and sparkly and magical.

what christmas trees looked like in our house growing up with all those kids….plus for any regular readers that’s a baby holly in this picture

We grew up without a lot of money…plenty of siblings 11 infact but money was not something we had in excess. Christmas though was a time when the struggle and the going without all seemed worth it. Our whole family together, everyone happy, nobody fighting and us kids being spoilt (though not by today standards). My father would always seem well on Christmas Day (no matter how much chemo he was undergoing) and he would make jokes to remind us of how lucky we were like “when i was a kid we were so poor at Christmas we used to have to rent a ham”. I think that my favourite thing though growing up was us all trying to guess our presents during the day because mum would be at work ( she was an aged care nurse who worked every Christmas) and dad refused to let us open them without her.

with my brother the year he got a job as a santa

Last year was the first year that I had a Christmas tree but due to the super stress of having a wedding 3 weeks after the holiday season I didn’t manage to get to the store for decorations until it was too late everything was all gone only ugly decorations left and so I decided in a moment of stubbornness and immaturity that I would rather have no decorations than ugly ones and so I left my tree bare. Well I did right up until Chris had his bucks party at our house and I came home to a tree decorated with my garden gnomes and wild turkey bottles.

my bucks party decorated tree

This year I am prepared. I have ordered the Christmas decorations well ahead of time and come the first week of December I will begin to create my own version of a magic wonderland, I may have already started watching the Christmas movies which all have happy endings and make me cry and I am incredibly excited about the decorating side of things given that next year Christmas for us will be cold and hopefully white with my best girlfriend and surrogate sister and her family in North Wales.

Am I the only Christmas geek out there?

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13 thoughts on “A Grown Up Christmas List

  1. I just loved this post! Firstly, one of 11?! WOW! That is very cool.
    My mum was never really that into Christmas but I wish that she was, a little magic would have been nice. So hubby and I get really into it now, we want to create the kind of memories you’ve written about for our kids. I don’t know if I’ll clean the walls and carpets though hehehehe.

    I plan to leave reindeer footprints and half chewed cookies and carrots around the front lawn. Too much? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for making me smile x

  2. My family is nuts over christmas, hubby and I don’t usually get into it – we used to try and spend it away somewhere but now we have the little one we stay closer to home. We bought our first tree last year after nearly a decade together. I’m looking forward to this year though since our little man is almost 3 – I’m looking forward to trying to create some magic for him.

    I’m super jealous of your white christmas to come, when we lived in the UK I missed hot christmas with prawns and cold ham but since we’ve been home I miss the cold christmas terribly – there’s nothing like walking through a British town come christmas time.

    • my friend and her husband and daughter live in north wales about 15 minutes from the English border- Chester last time it was there it was a December so so gorgeous but this will be the first Christmas and my hubby has never been there sooooo exciting ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The bucks party tree cracked me up! We have just put our tree up yesterday, that’s about as far as decorations go for us this year. I used to put heaps of lights up in the windows and the house, but I haven’t done that for a few years.

  4. My children drag me kicking and screaming toward Christmas. I’m not big on the whole decoration thing and thankfully they’re old enough to do it for themselves now. I just have to pay for it ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. My Mum loves Christmas and getting the house all decorated. It’s a tradition to get together and decorate the tree together, even now that two of us aren’t living at home anymore, we still go back. We weren’t able to help last year, due to having a week-old newborn when the time came fo the annual decoration, but this year we are going to be doing it the night of Mia’s birthday (the only time we can all get together to do it) and I can’t wait!

  6. I’m getting so excited about Christmas and I’m finding it a little hard to hold off putting tree up until December! You are going to have so much fun decorating tree with your new decorations and also finding a spot for your enormous tree lol

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