Sugar oh Honey Honey

I have come to love my blogging on Tuesday, I love writing Tuesday blogs and reading everyone elses so imagine my panic when this only my 4th Tuesday I was stumped by topic choice….what could I write about? So many different topics none of which I was feeling but like John Lennon once sang “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. I didn’t find my topic it found me.

My dad had always loved boxers, he thought they were incredibly graceful and friendly dogs he always wanted one and for Christmas in 1990 (yep quick calculation of my age I was 8) my brother Simon bought him one. He named her Holly (as in Christmas Holly) and she became part of our family. He loved her, we loved her and when he passed away we loved her even more because she was his. Holly passed away in 2000 she was 10 years old (Boxers live 8-12 years) we were devastated not just because we had lost our dog but it felt like another little part of my father had gone as well.

me aged 8 with Holly for some reason I look drugged

My older sister J bought my mum another dog, another boxer the following year. She was beautiful the colour of Honey in sunlight a rich almost amber colour, she was spirited and fun and was completely certain that she was infact a human being. Mum named her Honey Dew but she was only ever called Honey.

baby Honey

She made me laugh soooo much from the time she was 4 months old and looked at me with a swollen snout (damn bee sting) or when I realised that the colour flecks all over her white face were from the 500g bag of M and M’s she had just stolen and devoured (yep apparently chocolate doesn’t make all dogs sick some thrive on it) it was so difficult to stay mad at her.

My baby niece and a baby Honey in 2001

She loved my sister K the most almost like they were real life sisters but I was a good substitute. On cold winter nights she would wait until I had laid down on the couch and put a blanket over myself and then she would climb up on my back and sleep there all 30 something kilos of her keeping me warm and making me feel safe.

She was the queen of guard dogs nobody would have dared rob our house. She would climb up and sit on one of the dining chairs so straight like she was a human and when she was outside for too long she would do this moan that sounded almost like her saying “Come On”.

When I was diagnosed with PCOS Honey was the one I went on walks with trying to make sense of it all. Then my mum moved to Melbourne 5 years ago and Honey went to live with K but it always made me smile that she would continue to do the “Come On” moan when she felt like she shouldn’t be outside.

Today was Honeys last day on this Earth, I’m so sad I cannot say so I guess I’ll finish it with this if today was my last day I would wanna be sure to live Honeys way- too much chocolate and with protective loyal friendship.

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15 thoughts on “Sugar oh Honey Honey

  1. Oh lovely 😦 So so sad 😦 I’m so sorry 😦 pets really are very much a part of the family, and I can still feel the hurt of losing our cat Colby, and dog Dallas like it happened yesterday, even though both were over 5 years ago. So devastating 😦 They both sound like beautiful companions and friends.

  2. I’m so sorry. I never had a pet but my hubby nephews just got a dog a week ago… I saw it only once and loved it straight away so I can imagine how hard losing a pet could be. Sending you positive thoughts.

  3. Oh you have no idea how beautiful & sad this post is to me! We have a red boxer named Boss. He will be 12 in Feb. He is such a beautiful dog & I am dreading the day I will have to tell my boys he is gone because they adore him so much. I am so sorry for your loss. Honey looked like a gorgeous friend x

  4. So sad to hear this. Sorry for your loss, they are such an important part of our families aren’t they?! I love Boxers they have wise faces, but can be crazy mad 🙂

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