I Got a Pocket Got a Pocket Full of Sunshine

I have had the most horrendous cough. It is horrible hacking and choking. I was feeling pretty sad for myself until I attended this Breast Cancer fundraiser on Saturday. That’s a wake up call to say the least.

I am not someone who has been untouched by cancer I honestly don’t think there are people who are untouched by cancer my experience with cancer saw my father pass away 3 weeks before my 10th birthday.

last photo with my dad

My father was a gonna. You know the kind of person who is always gonna do something. He had so many things he wanted to do and see that he never got to and as I sat there on Saturday night I thought of so many things I could do or I wanted to do. It was like my day had started grey and all of a sudden was in technicolour.

with the hubby on saturday night

So I thought that 30 was a perfectly acceptable age to start writing my bucket list because our lives can and do change with every breath we take. So here is a list of things I would like to do in my lifetime, I reserve the right to change or add to this list and I hope it makes you think of yours.

  • I want to show my husband the wonders of travel that I have experienced ( this now looks like it will happen in November ish next year)
  • I want to start a family with Chris, I truly think we will be incredible parents
  • I want to continue getting healthier and continue losing weight ( my doctor stated yesterday that he is very happy with my progress so far)
  • I wanna be a PUG mumma cause they are soooo damn cute and I have wanted one for so long
  • I want to see Australia all of it and live and work in a different state even if it’s only for a year
  • I want to run my own Cancer fundraiser
  • I want to learn how to decorate cakes better than my current skill level
  • I want to find my passion occupationally speaking tried different avenues not yet there
  • I want to write a novel
  • I want to go back to dance classes

I have no doubt that this list will grow and change but for now all I can say is I’m happy so happy really feel like I have a pocket full of sunshine.

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5 thoughts on “I Got a Pocket Got a Pocket Full of Sunshine

  1. A great bucket list! I want to do pretty much everything on that list too! Except my family came along before we could finish our travels – so now it will be travelling with the whole family! I want a beagle doggie!

    #teamIBOT was here ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love your list! I’m from a family of people with big intentions too, but I want to be a doer. I think that’s so important!

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