Hold On for One More Day

I have always been a hard worker, always had a strong sense of self and morals and I have always been incredibly diplomatic (I’m told diplomatic people are the most frustrating people to argue with). I have held a job pretty much since I was 14 years old and yesterday was the worst day I have ever had at work EVER! So in some 16 odd years never was a day as bad as yesterday.

For legal and confidential reasons I cannot disclose what started this horrible day but the result of it was that 4 people whom I have worked with for a year and a half no longer work for our organisation. The result of this was devastating and obviously shocking. 24 hours later I am still in shock.

The loss was profound and felt immediately 1 was the most incredible team leader I have ever had whose last words to me were to email the number for EAP to everyone in case they need support or counselling and to watch over and take care of one of my co workers (who is our girl) and one of the others was a person I had sat next to day in and day out for the last 11 months someone who I had come to know incredibly well.

I still feel completely strange almost like someone has told me grass is purple like something so ridiculous it couldn’t be true.

I dread Monday and long for it at the same time the office just feels so empty….guess I just have to hold on for one more day.


3 thoughts on “Hold On for One More Day

  1. I know exactly what that is like, it happened at my firs job and it took weeks for things to finally start going back to normal and to not feel sick every morning before I got up for work. I hope everything gets better fast and you find a sense of stability at work again.

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